The NBA Playoffs Court Blind Box Releases on Topnod

On April 10th, Topnod, the digital collectibles issuance platform under Ant Group, launched the first variable digital collectible “NBA Playoffs Court Blind Box“.

It is reported that this collection can be upgraded based on the results of NBA games. Each blind box contains 4 court models of teams that have entered the NBA playoffs, and a total of 16 playoff-qualifying teams are included in 4 blind boxes. The official release dates are April 14th and April 16th.

Each team’s collection is limited to 5000 copies for sale. The corresponding digital collectibles will be upgraded or stopped based on the results of the playoffs. If a team advances, its collectible will be upgraded; if it is eliminated, the upgrade will stop.

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According to the announcement on Topnod app, there are currently 80,000 digital collectibles in the NBA series, each priced at ¥ 25 RMB (about $ 3.6 USD). In addition to the most distinctive “blind box” gameplay, this collection is designed according to NBA playoff rules. Each upgrade will have a different appearance and will be technically guaranteed by Ant Blockchain.

Compared to the previous collection of static image artifacts, Topnod’s new series of collections indeed brings a new experience. On February 21st this year, NBA China and Ant Group jointly announced that they will start a comprehensive strategic partnership, with Alipay becoming the NBA China digital life strategic partner. NBA video content will also debut on the Alipay platform for the first time.