The Hyperloop Train of China

In the future, it may take only 30 minutes to travel from Beijing to Wuhan by taking the Hyperloop Train developed by CASIC (China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation).

In Wuhan on August 30, on the 3rd China Commercial Aerospace Forum, Shiquan Liu, the vice general manager of CASIC said that CASIC has researched “hyperloop train”. And the corporate plans to combine the supersonic flight technology with rail transit technology through commercialized and market modes. The new generation of transportation would use superconducting maglev technology and vacuum pipe, committed to achieving supersonic “near-ground flight”.

It is learned that the highest speed can reach 4000 km/h. The speed of current civil airliner is about 900 km/h.

According to the person in charge, the landing of hyperloop train project will be accomplished in the three-step strategy in accordance with the highest speed of 1000 km/h, 2000 km/h and 4000 km/h respectively: the first step is to build regional intercity plane-train network through the 1000 km/h transportation capability; the second step is to build national super urban agglomeration plane-train transportation network through the 2000 km/h transportation capability; and the third step is to build “the Belt and Road Initiative” area plane-train transportation network through the 4000 km/h transportation capability. In the end, China’s new business card could be formed after spaceflight, high-speed rail and nuclear power.

Hyperloop trains using superconducting magnetic levitation technology and vacuum tubes, committed to the supersonic “near-ground flight”.

CASIC says hyperloop trains are 10 times faster than conventional high-speed rail. And compared with the existing civil aircraft, its speed will increase by five times, and the maximum speed can reach 4000 km/h, which is a great progress in human’s pursuit of the speed of transportation tools.

It is known that CASIC has rich experience and technology accumulation in practicing systems engineering of major projects, the ability of simulation modeling and system testing, which are necessary for large projects, as well as world-leading supersonic aircraft design ability, all of which provide important basis for hyperloop train project.

The relevant person in charge also revealed that hyperloop train project pays attention to giving full play to the advantages of various aspects to establish a national team. It has combined with more than 20 scientific research institutions at home and abroad, established the first international industry alliance of hyperloop train in China. At present, the team has more than 200 patents in related fields.

It is reported that CASIC is the world’s first company that proposed supersonic ground transportation system. Currently, there are three companies announced that they have researched on transportation system exceeding 1000 km/h, namely HTTP company and Hyperloop One company in the United States as well as CASIC in China.

The relevant person in charge from CASIC hyperloop train could not only reduce the distance of space and time among cities, but also would not be affected by weather conditions. It does not consume fossil fuels, could synergize with urban subways and has many other advantages. Hyperloop train is the future development trend and the technical commanding heights in the field of transportation.


This article originally appeared in The Paper and was translated by Pandaily.

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