The Founder of Biren Technology Establishes L4 Autonomous Driving Company

Chinese media outlet Jazz Year reported on Thursday that Zhang Wen, the founder of domestic high-performance GPU company, Biren Technology, had set up an L4 autonomous driving company called “Yunji Zhixing” in November 2021.

According to several recruitment websites, the company has raised more than 2 billion yuan ($316.39 million) so far, and its main investment institutions include GL Ventures, Walden International and V Fund.

After Zhang Wen established Biren Techonology, he completed several rounds of financing in less than two years, with the accumulated financing amount exceeding 4.7 billion yuan. In October last year, the company announced that its first general GPU was officially delivered to TSMC to tape out, which is expected to be released this year.

Zhang Wen has also previously revealed that the company is making an ecological layout around the chip industry, including DPU, CPU, autonomous driving and other related fields. In the field of DPUs and CPUs, the company has made several investments, including domestic DPU start-up Yunmai Xinlian Technology Company, together with IDG and ByteDance, and invested in the domestic CPU company Hongjun Microelectronics, together with GL Ventures and other institutions.

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In the field of autonomous driving, Zhang Wen set up a new company directly. According to its official introduction, “Yunji Zhixing” focuses on logistics and transportation through its own independent research and development of L4 autonomous driving technology. The company implements large-scale business in trunk logistics, urban micro-circulation, freight and passenger transportation, and other scenarios by providing general autonomous driving technology operation services. It has research and development centers in Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Shenzhen.