The Baidu World 2022 to Be Held July 21

Chinese Internet giant Baidu announced on Monday that its Baidu World 2022 jointly organized with CCTV will be held online on July 21. Baidu Co-founder and CEO Robin Li, and other business leaders from Baidu will attend the conference to share cutting-edge AI technologies and products. The event will also see the release of several products in intelligent cloud, automated driving, and other fields.

Every year, Baidu World tries to bring innovative breakthroughs in the field of automated driving. In 2020, “5G Remote Driving Service” made its debut at the congress and became an important service for unmanned driving. In 2021, the concept of a “robocar” was put forward. During this year’s conference, Baidu will also release products involved in automated driving.

In addition, during this year’s Baidu World, Baidu and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) will announce another major cooperation. On the basis of officially becoming the global strategic partner for artificial intelligence in Chinese lunar exploration aerospace engineering last year, Baidu will work with CASC in its aerospace technology and artificial intelligence.

Digital avatars will become the protagonist of this year’s Baidu World. The AI planner, deputy host and opening guest were all served by the AI digital avatar “Xi Jiajia”. Together with another digital avatar “Du Xiaoxiao”, “Xi Jiajia” will appear in many links of the whole conference and show AIGC (AI Generated Content) abilities such as painting on demand.

“Xi Jiajia” (Source: Baidu)

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Baidu will also select some cases to show how the company’s AI adds impetus to industrial transformation and real economy development. For example, after the combination of AI and electricity, wind farm inspectors don’t have to climb the 100-meter-high wind turbine while AI inspection can improve efficiency by 6-10 times.