Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Expects to Produce 300,000 Vehicles Next Year

Reuters reported on Sunday that Tesla’s Shanghai factory is expected to produce 300,000 cars within the first nine months of the new year, capped by a delivery rush in the end of the July-September quarter. The company expects to hit its target output despite a global semiconductor shortage.

The vehicles produced by Tesla’s Shanghai factory not only supply into the domestic market, but also to foreign markets such as Germany and Japan. At the end of July this year, Tesla said that strong demand in the U.S. market and the optimization of the company’s global average cost, it had been able to transform the Shanghai factory into a major automobile export center.

Earlier, Yuan Guohua, an official in the area where Tesla’s factory is located, said that the annual output of the factory in 2021 is expected to reach 450,000 vehicles, which included 66,100 for export.

Aerial video taken by other media outlets, Tesla’s Shanghai factory is once again ready to meet a delivery rush at the end of the July-September quarter. A large number of Model 3 and Model Y have been spotted parked in the parking lot.

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According to the data of CPCA, Tesla’s Shanghai factory shipped about 240,000 cars in the first eight months of this year, many of which were used for export.

Earlier, it was reported that Tesla’s Shanghai factory started to produce the company’s Model Y for the Chinese market, which would help it achieve its production target in 2021, that is, to produce 550,000 electric vehicles.