Tesla’s Optimus Robot to Debut at Shanghai’s 2024 World AI Conference

On the evening of July 3, Beijing time, Tesla’s official Weibo announced that the second-generation humanoid robot, Optimus, will make its debut at the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai from July 4 to 7, to “witness the further evolution of humanoid robots”. It is reported that the booth is located at the H1-B108 stand in the Shanghai Pudong Expo Exhibition Hall.

The second-generation Optimus first appeared on December 13 of last year, when Tesla released a demonstration video of the Tesla humanoid robot “Optimus Gen2” on social media platform X. Compared to the previously shown prototype, the second-generation Optimus robot has made significant progress in terms of weight and flexibility. Some analysts believe that at the current rate of iteration, Optimus robots could soon replace human labor in many fields. Improvements over the previous generation product include: the use of actuators and sensors entirely designed and manufactured by Tesla; a more refined overall exterior design; a 30% increase in walking speed; a weight reduction of 10 kilograms, with improved balance and body control capabilities; and the addition of new hands, capable of gripping heavier objects and performing more delicate operations.

Tesla previously stated that the second-generation Optimus robot will first be applied to its manufacturing factories. Once its practicality is verified, the company will begin selling the robot.

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