Tesla’s Flagship Store on JD.com Attracted 530K Followers in Three Days

After Tmall, a Chinese e-commerce giant, welcomed Tesla, rival e-commerce platform JD.com also launched an official flagship store for the EV giant and attracted over 530K followers in only three days.

At present, there are more than 200 items on sale in the store, ranging from charging piles priced at 7,700 yuan ($1,120) to mobile phone charging cables costing 130 yuan. The items on sale cover four main categories, including charging products, auto parts, branded merchandise and boutique clothing, but consumers cannot order Tesla cars directly through this store.

Up to now, Tesla has stores on three domestic e-commerce platforms: Tmall, Douyin and JD.com.

New energy vehicles spur the need to buy charging piles. Furthermore, user-oriented EV makers are keen to launch branded merchandise to create a comfortable lifestyle for users, and are setting up official online shopping malls to meet those demands.

Tesla has previously tried to work with e-commerce platforms when it first entered the Chinese market. On the eve of the Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2014, Tesla China announced its high-profile entry onto the Tmall platform, through which consumers could place orders for vehicles directly. The store was stopped by Elon Musk only a week later because it affected Tesla’s direct sales mode.

In April 2020, Tesla’s official flagship store on Tmall went online again, but only sold accessories and peripheral products. At that time, Tesla conducted live-streaming for 8 consecutive days. Viya, a well-known livestreamer, has sold Tesla test drive vouchers and T-shirts for a very low price, attracting nearly 4 million viewers.

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In the flagship store on Tmall, the best-selling product is the household charging pile. More than 2,000 people have paid for it so far, and less than 400 people have bought the Model Y fender, which sits in second place. Charging piles have also become the best-selling product in Tesla’s flagship store in JD.com, and have been well received by more than 100 consumers in less than three days.

JD.com can also help Tesla vehicle owners with the installation of charging piles. In addition to online channels, JD.com will further explore offline services with Tesla, and carry out in-depth cooperation in a variety of ways, such as warehousing, distribution and charging pile installation.