Tesla Plans to Start Hiring in Shanghai for Ramp-up Production of Model Y

California-based leading electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc has put out a hiring post in Shanghai in search of designers to join its China studio and 1,000 factory workers as production ramps up, Reuters reported.

It is reported to be the first time Tesla has ever looked to recruit designers in China. The post did not specify the number of designers the company plans to hire.

Another round of hiring issued by the local government of Lingang in Shanghai indicated that Tesla planned to recruit 600 workers in the stamping, bodywork, painting and assembly workshops, 150 workers for quality inspection, 200 for logistics work, and 20 for safety work of the Shanghai plant, according to Reuters.

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Two sources with knowledge of the matter disclosed to Reuters that the ramp in hiring employees was to prepare for the production of Model Y SUVs at the Shanghai plant.

According to the company’s Q2 report, Tesla plans to build Model Y production facilities in the Shanghai factory with first deliveries expected next year. Reuters reported that the company delivered more than 30,000 vehicles in the second quarter this year in China, most of which were domestically produced Model 3 sedans. In March, Tesla released a hiring post in China to recruit solar and energy storage project managers to expand its energy business into the Chinese market, according to Reuters.