Tesla Model S Suspected of Spontaneous Combustion in Underground Garage in Guangzhou

At about 2 p.m. on August 22, a Tesla Model S was suspected to have spontaneously combusted in the underground garage of a residential area in Guangzhou. The accident also affected other cars parked near the Tesla vehicle.

The affected BMW owner posted on social media, “It’s a terrible accident. A Tesla vehicle just spontaneously ignited in the underground garage. My car nearby was damaged.”

The Model S owner said that after the accident, Tesla’s public relations personnel was rather cold to the indicent, hoping to retrieve the vehicle before police arrived to appraise the scene. Furthermore, when the car was still hot, the Tesla team covered the vehicle with a flammable substance.

People close to the matter said that Tesla refused to admit that the car caught fire spontaneously even though the monitoring device clearly showed that was the case.

Tesla’s staff responded that the PR personnel’s attitude was not as cold as the owner described and it will actively cooperate with the police investigation.

At present, the vehicle is still in the garage. According to reports, three public relations personnels of Tesla appeared on the scene, but no technicians.

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Tesla vehicles have experienced many incidents of spontaneous combustion before. For example, in July, a Tesla Model 3 caught fire in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The vehicle was in a stopped state and there was no obvious impact mark on the car.