Tesla Model S Plaid Version to Be Delivered in China, Priced at over 1M Yuan

Recently, some Chinese netizens posted the delivery information of the Tesla Model S Plaid version. The buyer needs to submit the final payment of 1,013,990 yuan ($141,399) for the Plaid version with white interior after paying a 20,000 yuan deposit, bringing the price tag of the model in China to about 1,033,990 yuan.

In response, Tesla customer service said, “Prices, configuration and delivery time of the Model S and X have not yet been determined. It is impossible to deliver this year.”

The Tesla Model S Plaid version shows a big improvement in performance compared to the regular Model S. Equipped with three drive motors, it is equipped with four-wheel drive and has a maximum power of more than 750kW. The acceleration from 0 to 100km/h takes only 2.1 seconds, and the top speed can reach 322 km/h. In terms of batteries, the Model S Plaid version will be equipped with Tesla 4680 batteries, with a cruising range of 637km under EPA conditions. It can be charged for 15 minutes at a super charging station and will be good for another 322km.

The model is currently on pre-sale through Tesla’s official website in China. But the official website does not show the specific price except for the 20,000 yuan deposit. Recently, the real car has appeared in China, which may indicate that the new model, which has been delivered in the North American market for several months, is experiencing final preparations for delivery in the Chinese market.

Tesla Model S Plaid Version (Source: Chinese auto media outlets)

In terms of appearance, it can be seen from online pictures that, on the side of the body, the new vehicle is equipped with hidden door handles and black rims with body lines that are smooth and sporty. At the rear of the body, the rear trim strip has been changed to black and the size of the rear wing has been increased to create a sporty atmosphere. In addition, a logo exclusive to the Plaid version has been added below the right taillight to improve recognition.

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The Model S Plaid version that appeared in China is equipped with a yoke-style steering wheel, which is also the most controversial addition. Though it operates in all ways like a standard steering wheel, the yoke essentially removes the upper segment of the steering wheel. The entire car is not equipped with any millimeter-wave radar. Tesla has previously stated that new cars produced in the future will no longer be equipped with any radar, and use a 100% pure vision solution for intelligent driving.

In addition, on October 11, Tesla Model S and Model X were listed in the latest batch of catalogue of new energy vehicle models exempted from vehicle purchase taxed in China, which may mean that Tesla has begun domestic deliveries.