Tencent’s Audio Platform QQ FM Announces Its Shutdown

On July 5th, Tencent’s audio platform QQ FM announced its shutdown. Due to business adjustments, starting from today, QQ FM will close user registration and recharge functions. It will officially cease operations on September 6th, 2023 at 00:00.

In the announcement, QQ FM reminds users to quickly save personal information, original recordings, VIP monthly cards, etc. before the suspension. After the suspension of QQ FM, operations will not be available.

According to reports, Tencent‘s QQ FM is known for zero data consumption listening and intelligent recommendation of selected programs for users in various scenarios. Here, users can listen to a wide range of audio content including serialized novels, news commentary, classic music, jokes, entertainment gossip, emotional talks at night, cross talk storytelling, and parenting education.

QQ FM’s official Weibo homepage displays “qualification not verified through annual review”, has lost the certified “VIP” logo, and the last update was over a year ago. Its official public account has also been inactive for nearly 3 years.

It is worth noting that although QQ FM has decided to cease operations, Tencent still has Tencent Music Entertainment Group in the “ear business” track.

According to the “2023 China Online Audio Market Development Research Report,” among mainstream online audio apps, Himalayan has the highest monthly active user count, reaching a staggering 140 million.

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In fact, the number of online audio users reached 692 million in 2022, with an average monthly active user base of 330 million, a 4.5% increase compared to 2021. The overall penetration rate across the internet exceeded 30%, and the market size surpassed ¥31 billion ($4.2 billion).

The group born around 1980 and 1990 are the main users of audio, and they have strong consumer initiative. They pursue self-improvement and are willing to pay for knowledge and actions. They value the experience value of functional intelligence, interactivity, and real-time companionship.

Since last year, Tencent has made several adjustments to its business and has downsized some peripheral product lines.

In December of last year, Tencent announced the closure of Tencent WiFi Manager and Tencent Game Manager for PC.

On November 17th of last year, QQ Mail released an announcement stating that the group email function would be discontinued.

In October of last year, Tencent Map’s official website announced that the PC version of Tencent Map would cease operation on November 11th.