Tencent to Cease Chinese Operations for “Raziel” Game

Tencent announced on Thursday afternoon that it will officially cease operations for its Diablo-like game, “Raziel,” for users in the Chinese mainland at 11:00 on June 15, 2022.

Launched on June 20, 2019, this action RPG has been operational for nearly three years. The official reason given for its discontinuation is the expiration of an agency agreement between Tencent and the game developer of Raziel.

According to an official statement, the company will start exchange compensation for players who have purchased game tokens that have not yet been used.

According to Gamerdaily, a blogger on popular Chinese social media site Weibo, Raziel was updated on March 17 – a month before this official suspension announcement. It can be seen from the previous update announcements that Raziel was still under normal operations until March, and new activities such as “cumulative recharge and rebate event” and “special gift packages” were launched.

Some players expressed dissatisfaction with the sudden announcement, with one saying that “stopping operations right after the game activities is ripping the players off.” They also filed a complaint with the third-party consumer platform, which has been accepted.

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