Tencent Tests Overseas Version of Honor of Kings in Mexico

Popular Chinese online game Honor of Kings, developed by Shenzhen-based Tencent, is the highest-paid mobile MOBA game in the world, with more than 100 million daily active players. The firm released alpha tests in Mexico for an international version on July 14. The game was developed by TiMi Studios and released by Level Infinite.

In June, Level Infinite, the distributor for Tencent in overseas markets, announced it would release an international version of Honor of Kings to global players before the end of this year. It also said it would launch several rounds of alpha testing from July.

Some tipsters have previously shared this news and other essential updates on Twitter. The international version supports the list of available in-game heroes and 120FPS. One commentator wrote: “Waiting is coming to an end! The closed alpha test of Honor of Kings started today in Mexico and is expected to reach other regions.”

The international version of Honor of Kings shares the details and modes of the standard MOBA game. Users can choose from more than 60 unique heroes, each with different abilities and actions.

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The game has two rival teams, each with five players. The goal is to dismantle each other’s nine towers on three lines. The team that destroys competitor’s crystal will win the match. The game is free, and it has high requirements on players’ gaming skills. It supports a 120FPS high frame rate. At present, only the Android version is being tested, and there is no news regarding an iOS version yet.

The lowest system operation requirement for alpha testing is that the device should have at least 1GB of storage space, 8GB of memory and Android 5.1 or higher. Players also need stable network connections for a smooth gaming experience.