Tencent Releases Self-Developed Robot TRX-Hand

On April 25, Tencent’s Robotics X lab announced the latest progress in robot research and launched a dexterous hand, TRX-Hand, and a mechanical arm, TRX-Arm.

The TRX-Hand has three fingers with eight independently controllable joints, which can easily grasp objects of different shapes and sizes, achieving difficult dynamic movements such as throwing and catching.

Its maximum continuous fingertip force can reach 15 N, with a maximum joint speed of 600 degrees per second, which is fast and powerful. The flexible drive design at the fingertips also effectively enhances their impact resistance, making them more reliable.

TRX-Hand has visual, tactile, force perception (pressure sensing), and multiple sensor information fusion technology on its body. It can execute tasks more accurately.

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It also has fault-tolerant mechanisms because errors cannot be completely avoided in real life. The robot can handle task failures caused by these errors while continuously sensing task status to identify failures and adjust strategies autonomously for successful completion.

The TRX-Arm is a humanoid robot designed for use in human living environments. It has seven degrees of freedom, allowing it to move with agility and explosive power. Additionally, the robot features integrated touch control capabilities and is soft yet safe to interact with.

Next, Tencent‘s Robotics X lab will continue to promote the integration of self-developed TRX-Hand and TRX-Arm while introducing cutting-edge algorithms such as deep learning to enhance their ability for dexterous operations and solving complex problems, so they can better serve people.

Tencent‘s Robotics X lab had already released several self-developed robots, including the multi-modal quadruped robot Max and the wheeled-legged robot Ollie.

The company will continue exploring cutting-edge technologies related to robotics, pushing forward applications into areas such as elderly care, home services, and intelligent manufacturing.