Tencent Music Celebrates Three Years of Achievements of Its Indie Musician Support Program Tencent Musician

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), the leading online music entertainment platform in China, celebrated three years of achievements in artist support by its indie musician program Tencent Musician on July 24.

Since the launch of the program three years ago, Tencent Musician has offered powerful backing for musicians to continue their music creation, which has so far generated 590 million RMB in revenue for original music content creators.

Tencent Musician has previouly run the “One Hundred Million Yuan Incentive Project” to open up a new model for musicians to increase their income through a variety of incentive methods. According to data by TME, more than 40% of the musicians who enjoyed exclusive incentives were able to double their income while over 80% saw a rise of more than 50% in their income.

The project was followed by an upgraded version named “One Hundred Million Yuan Incentive Project 2.0”, which is more sustainable.

TME takes advantages of its 800 million monthly active users to help generate traffic for indie musicians, increasing their exposure and building audience awareness for them. The program also includes income support and incentive plans, which boost the income level of musicians.

Other than online traffic and exposure, TME opens up offline opportunities for musicians. During the celebration events of the 4th anniversary of TME, the company tailored an interactive session for Tencent musicians to perform for the public.

Additionally, TME holds industry seminars for musicians to jointly discuss industry phenomena and trending topics.

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The approaches taken by TME and Tencent Musician are effective and helpful. As of July 24, 2020, total playbacks exceeded 400 billion across TME platforms, while the amount of original music reached 850,000 songs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing and quarantine are requested, live music performances were widely cancelled. Nevertheless, Tencent Musician organized 50 live-stream concerts with 109 groups of musicians that reached an audience of nearly 8 million people.

Tencent Musician also launched a campaign to gather a collection of original charity songs, with thousands of musicians sending in more than 2,000 songs. The collection consoled those in quarantine and raised the morale of those fighting on the front lines against the pandemic.