Tencent Launches Pandemic Supplies Platform in China as COVID Cases Soar

With the recent lifting of pandemic control policies in China, the number of infections has risen sharply and a shortage of pills and antigen test kits has been reported in many places across the country. Meanwhile, domestic internet giant Tencent launched a “COVID-19 Pills Mutual Help Public Welfare Platform.” Users of this service can send requests through a WeChat mini program, and people with spare medical supplies can share them.

The platform was jointly developed by Tencent‘s travel services division and the Tencent Maps team. According to the mini program page, the scarce medical supplies include ibuprofen for antipyretic effect, ibuprofen oral suspension for children, and antigen test kits.

Users can choose the “I need drugs” button, select over-the-counter drugs recommended by China’s National Health Commission, fill in their location, contact information, and other details. Before publishing requests on the platform, users have to complete a real-name verification process.

Other users can choose the “I have spare drugs” button, fill in relevant information and pass real-name verification. After completing mutual assistance, citizens who send information can add a “Resolved” tag and take down their requests.

Based on the location services of Tencent Maps, users can quickly view the nearest requests. They can also view information by selecting specific areas to improve efficiency. At the same time, users can view “fever clinics and COVID-19 vaccination points.”

In order to ensure the security of personal information, the product is also rapidly developing privacy features. For example, the service can generate virtual phone numbers to protect users’ private information. The development team is also striving for more resources, including non-profit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Such drug sharing platforms and the coordination of mutual help among citizens have become urgent methods to meet the rising demand for medical supplies in China. In order to fully guarantee supply, many A-share listed Chinese companies are managing resources internally to ensure that relevant production lines run at full capacity 24 hours a day. On the other hand, efforts have been made involving raw materials, transportation and other links, helping to maintain production and ensure supply.