Tencent-Backed Mogo Auto Unveils Autonomous Mass Production Bus

Mogo Auto, a Chinese autonomous vehicle startup, on September 16 released the world’s first self-driving factory-installed mass production bus, equipped with a “vehicle-infrastructure-cloud integration” system, at the 2022 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference (WICV) held in Beijing.

The “MOGO BUS” supports powerful Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperated Autonomous Driving (VICAD) functions. Its “brain” is equipped with NVIDIA dual Orin chips, with the highest computing power of 1100TOPS and high integration of software and hardware. In addition, the MOGO BUS has realized factory-installed mass production automated driving technology, and is near to large-scale commercial operations.

The “brain” of MOGO BUS (Source: Mogo Auto)

There are two models – MOGO BUS M1, an automated driving minibus, and MOGO BUS M2, an automated driving bus. The vehicle comes standard with eight solid-state lidars and various types of sensors, which can help it safely and efficiently handle various complex urban traffic conditions and meet requirements of L4 automated driving operation services.

Mogo Cloud System can obtain real-time dynamic information on M1 and M2 models, so that vehicles can easily cope with pedestrians suddenly crossing the road, and realize super-sensing, road information early warning, green wave driving, intelligent scheduling and other functions.

MOGO BUS M1 (Source: Mogo Auto)

Focusing on urban public services, Mogo Auto has built a self-driving urban public service fleet including sanitation vehicles, patrol cars, shuttle buses, logistics vehicles, buses and taxis. The company solved a number of issues in the field of public services through the scale implementation of “unmanned operations,” realizing cost reductions and efficiency increases and creating social and economic value. Now, many related projects have been kicked off Beijing, Jiangsu, Hunan, Henan, Yunnan and Sichuan across China.

Founded in 2017 and with support from Chinese tech giant Tencent and other investors, Mogo Auto has developed rapidly in the three or four years since its establishment, during which it has obtained several rounds of financing. At present, its valuation has reportedly reached $3 billion. According to public information, in March 2021, the first city-level autonomous driving project of Mogo Auto landed in Hengyang, Hunan Province, which is also the largest city-level automated driving commercial project in the world, with a total investment of 500 million yuan ($70.24 million). In July this year, it also reached a demonstration project on the comprehensive application of intelligent and connected vehicles with the Chengdu government, receiving a total amount of about 3 billion yuan.