Tencent Appoints He Yijin as New Head of News Division

Tencent issued an internal document on Monday in which it appointed He Yijin as head of Tencent News and editor-in-chief of QQ.com. He Yijin will report to Tencent‘s Vice President, Zeng Yu.

Wang Shimu, former head of Tencent News, will be transferred to the “Social Platform and Application Line” under the Platform and Content Group (PCG) to be responsible for innovative businesses such as Huanhe, an NFT trading software owned by the company, and was officially launched on August 2, 2021.

At present, Tencent‘s news content production adopts the typical studio system with which it covers videos, documentaries, finance, entertainment and other content categories. The media outlet has launched several series, such as “Thirteen Invitations”, “Talking to Her” and “Guyu Lab”. He Yijin will also directly lead the content production team after becoming the head of the division.

He Yijin graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University and obtained a master’s degree in engineering from Dartmouth College in the US. Before 2012, he was responsible for the R&D of technologies such as global order systems and supply chain management at Amazon in the US. He joined Tencent in 2012 and was responsible for the management of Tencent Video and the products and technologies of Tencent Yoo Video.

Wang Shimu became the first Vice President of Tencent News since August 2019. He graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at Zhejiang University and has previously been the product leader of NetEase‘s Cloud Music Project since 2012 and served as the head of NetEase Aesthetics since 2016. He left the company in early 2019.

On May 18, Tencent announced its Q1 results. Financial data shows that the company’s revenue in the first quarter totaled 135.471 billion yuan ($20.38 billion), compared with 135.303 billion yuan in the same period last year, which means almost zero growth. Adjusted net profit was 25.5 billion yuan, compared with 33.118 billion yuan in the same period of last year, down 23% year-on-year.

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“Facing the challenges of the industry, the company has implemented cost control measures and adjusted some non-core businesses, which will help to achieve a more optimized cost structure in the future,” Chairman and CEO of Tencent Pony Ma said.