Temu Seen as Beneficiary From PDD’s Plan to Help Manufacturers Build Global Brands

US e-commerce platform Temu is set to benefit from the latest initiative by sister company PDD to help manufacturers expand internationally and create global brands.

Temu, which launched in the US in September 2022, will leverage Nasdaq-listed PDD’s network of more than 11 million global suppliers to source unique merchandise for its customers. PDD’s recently announced plan to create 100 international brands and connect 10,000 manufacturers to global markets will give Temu an even wider portfolio of affordable quality products.

“At Temu, our goal is to empower consumers with access to great products at great prices so that more people can enjoy the conveniences and comforts of life. With PDD’s international supplier plan, Temu’s consumers will benefit from even more choices of quality products by some of the world’s top manufacturers,” said a Temu spokesperson.

Temu’s edge over its rivals could be its” extensive connections with factories in China,” according to TechCrunch, which noted that the company had a “headstart in sourcing products” thanks to PDD’s supply chain resources. Temu briefly claimed the top spot of Android shopping apps in the US in mid-September, the report said.

Temu currently offers products across 15 categories, from clothing to homeware to pet supplies. The company is using its access to the vast sourcing and fulfillment network built up by Pinduoduo to create and curate personalized premium quality products for consumers from all walks of life.

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That headstart in sourcing could turn into a meaningful lead if Temu gains access to the pipeline of products from top-notch manufacturers now stepping up to create their own global brands. PDD’s suppliers include many of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturers, who have amassed years of expertise in production know-how over the years of serving global brands and built up valuable intellectual property of their own.

Many of the early customers of Temu have been effusive in their praise of the newcomer.

Tom, 52, noted how Temu finally helped him take his first steps to take more control of his health after purchasing a pair of $8 running shoes from the site. “It has always been a long-held dream of mine to be more active and make overall better health and lifestyle decisions. Thanks to Temu, I can now make this happen by starting with my fitness journey,” he told the DNA news site.

To be sure, Temu will need to work doubly hard to win over more customers. The company said it will help global manufacturers understand what consumers want and need so that they can tailor-make merchandise for their specific customers. The cost savings resulting from the quick turnaround will be enjoyed by consumers directly in competitive prices and better-matched products, the company said.