Some New Tesla Cars Shipped Without USB Ports due to Chip Shortages

Recently, some Tesla owners reported that their newly delivered vehicles had no USB ports in the central console or rear seat. Instead, the holes where the USB ports are supposed to be are empty. Further, some owners said that some wireless charging pads aren’t working either.

Previously, Tesla did not inform consumers of the missing parts and did not compensate buyers afterwards. The affected models include Model 3 and Model Y.

In this regard, Tesla’s official customer service said the ports are missing because of the shortage of chips. The shortage has affected the central consoles of Model 3s and Model Ys produced after November 6. The company plans to schedule service appointments to reinstall any missing USB ports in December but, due to chip shortages, a specific time cannot be guaranteed.

In response to this matter, some netizens said that Tesla’s behavior did not respect consumers. “No matter what the reason is, manufacturers should inform consumers in advance. This practice of delivering cars directly without prior notice is inappropriate.”

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Due to the shortage of chips and parts, China’s new forces in car-making are caught in the dilemma of “reduced deliveries”. Li Auto took the lead in the “reduced” delivery scheme, giving customers the choice to receive their vehicles with three radar at first and then have the remaining two radars installed later for free.

As soon as Xpeng P5 started delivery, it announced the plan of a delayed installation for its radars, with the installation of the missing parts expected to begin on March 31, 2022. For customers who choose the delayed installation option, XPeng will give them its XPILOT 3.0 or XPILOT 3.5 software for free as compensation.