Silicon Integrated Secures Several Hundred Million Yuan in Financing From ByteDance and Others

Wuhan-based firm Silicon Integrated, a provider of high-performance intelligent audio and optical solutions, has completed a round D of financing worth several hundred million yuan. The lead investor is Wuyuan Capital, while co-investors are ByteDance and Juhua Chuanxin Investment. Existing shareholders such as Huaye Tiancheng and Source Code Capital also provided investment. The funds will reportedly be used to accelerate iteration and commercialization of each product line, attract more talent, and expand new products and market directions.

Founded in 2016, Silicon Integrated is an innovative chip designer with independent intellectual property rights, engaged in the field of intelligent sensing. At present, it has many product lines such as intelligent audio, 3D vision, optical sensing and tactile sensing, and has obtained joint strategic investment from many first-line smartphone makers and internet companies. The C round, which totaled several hundred million yuan, took place only half a year ago.

In terms of products, in 2021, the company achieved mass production of  audio power amplifiers and served hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. Moreover, the firm’s tactile feedback chip has been put into application and achieved gradual improvements. This product is expected to be mass-produced in 2022.

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In addition, Silicon Integrated has successfully released high-performance iToF image sensors and applied it in scenarios such as face recognition for payment, 3D modeling, logistics detection, and more. Also, the company has developed a high-resolution dToF image sensor using 3D stack technology, favoring AR/XR perception in the Metaverse.

The advanced optical sensor product series has also begun mass production, while the 3-in-1 ambient light/proximity light sensor market has been successfully promoted, evaluated by many smartphone customers.

Silicon Integrated will bring a series of optical solutions to the industry, such as color temperature detection for OLED screens, multispectral sensing, accurate ranging and more, further expanding sensing range.