Shenzhen-Based Tagging Launches Social Product Integrating Digital Characters with ChatGPT

The emergence of ChatGPT, a natural language processing model based on deep learning launched by OpenAI, is rapidly changing today’s Internet. On March 8, Tagging, a Chinese metaverse social application developer, released an app based on ChatGPT technology – Tagging X GPT-3, which combines tags and digital characters. Users can label themselves with several tags and talk to digital characters in different tones.

Chai Geyang, founder of Shenzhen-based Tagging, said that, unlike traditional applications, Tagging X GPT-3 is part of Tagging’s “Web3 metaverse planning”. He believes that ChatGPT has many commonalities with Web3 and metaverse in that they all need a large amount of computing power, a variety of algorithms and massive amounts of data.

AI technology is found use in helping people interact not just with other people, but also between people and machines and the machines themselves in Web3 and metaverse. Technology like ChatGPT is accelerating the development of metaverse, making digital avatars in the metaverse much more real and dynamic, and is promoting a new way of interaction between users and digital characters, according to Chai.

Tagging X GPT-3 is able to provide users with chat and information retrieval services. Users can train their semantic model to talk in the way set by them. The product also has certain social attributes, which allows users to share their trained digital characters with many friends in the community.

“We believe that Tagging X GPT-3 can become a new application leading metaverse social interaction.” Chai stated, “Tagging’s goal is to build the world’s largest digital character community, so that users can freely experience digital interaction, host their own data, and experience social functions in metaverse. We also hope that Tagging X GPT-3 can become a place to gather technology enthusiasts. Everyone can communicate here, create an AIGC community of Web3, and finally help the development of metaverse.”

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Chai has also founded SocialFace, an AI big data company in Hong Kong, and served as the co-president of Blockchain Association of Hong Kong. He has extensive experience in AI, big data and blockchain technologies.