Self-Developed NetEase Mobile Game Is Shut Down

On Wednesday, Chinese internet technology firm NetEase officially announced that its “Unknown Future” game will officially stop operating at 15:00 on March 14, 2022 with compensation arrangements to be provided.

According to the official announcement, after 14:00 on Wednesday, the download portal for the gaming platform would close, while game recharging and new user registration would be shut down.

At 15:00 on March 14, the gaming server of “Unknown Future” will officially close, as well as all official platforms and communities related to the game, such as websites, forums and customer service areas. Meanwhile, all account data in the game will be emptied.

After this game is closed down, players can still obtain corresponding NetEase game growth benefits in “Fantasy Westward Journey,” “Westward Journey” and “Fighting Westward Journey 2.”

“Unknown Future” is a 3D card simulation mobile game with Roguelite elements developed by NetEast, officially released on November 20, 2020.

However, shortly after the game was launched, it was opposed by a large number of players due to operational activities, which caused a serious loss of players, then led to a cliff-like decline in running accounts, and stopped updating at the end of last year.

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