Roborock Releases Two Automatic Cleaning Robots

On March 21st, Roborock released its annual flagship automatic cleaning robot G20 and a brand-new model, the P10, IThome reported.

Since its establishment in July 2014, Roborock has focused on the R&D and production of smart household cleaning robots and other intelligent appliances. Roborock said that the automatic cleaning robot G20 is equipped with a super-powered dual-drive module, which integrates and upgrades the functions of sweeping and mopping the floor, bringing the functions of its double helix glue brush and four-zone double-shock cleaning, thus improving the robot’s cleaning functionality.

Another new product for the mid-end market, the automatic cleaning robot P10, continues the design of sweeping and mopping functions, with a 5500Pa suction, high-speed double-rotation constant humidity cleaning and all-round base station, which is targeted at normal household cleaning environments.

There are some differences in the prices of the two models. The pre-sale price of the G20 standard version is 4999 yuan (about $727) while that of water version is 6799 yuan (about $988). The pre-sale price of the P10 standard version is 3,299 yuan (about $480), and the water version is 3,899 yuan (about $567).

Generally speaking, Roborock’s G20 automatic cleaning robot is equipped with a double helix glue brush, which reduces the possibility of any missed spots by facing involution and matching it with 6000Pa suction force. At the same time, due to the oblique spiral design of the main brush, the hair wound on the brush will be “transported” to the hair storage bin beside the main brush to avoid affecting operation.

In view of some stubborn stains hidden deep in gaps, G20 pioneered the four-zone double-shock wiping, upgraded the vibration area to two, and increased the area of the vibration area, upgrading from the high-frequency vibration of 3000-revolution motor to the high-frequency vibration mode of “3000 +3000”. In addition to upgrading the sweeping and towing function, under the cooperative operation of AI intelligent control dual lifting module, the G20 can also strategically lift the main brush and mop to avoid obstacles and maneuver around trouble areas.

In terms of functionality, the G20 is equipped with a high-energy base station, which covers all functions from the cleaning console to base station, and brings the functions of automatic mop washing, drying, cleaning liquid top up, dust collection, water replenishment, base station cleaning, bacteriostasis and water loading and unloading.

The self-cleaning module continues the original model’s active self-cleaning cloth washing strategy, but the speed has increased by 22.5% compared with the previous generation. Active hand washing is simulated through high-speed brushing, thus achieving a deeper and cleaner effect. Dust collection for up to 60 days does not require manual garbage removal. In addition, the G20 adds the function of automatically adding cleaning liquid and can be used for 4 months when the capacity of 600ml is filled.

In addition, Roborock officials said that the G20 is equipped with RR mason 10.0 which enables the robot to complete cleaning tasks in a planned and efficient manner. Moreover, the obstacle avoidance algorithm has also been upgraded. On the basis of carrying 3D structured light to avoid obstacles, the visual recognition ability has been upgraded again, and the types of obstacles that can be identified have been upgraded from 27 to 42. In addition, with infrared fill light, obstacles can be avoided in dimly lit environments.

Different from G20, the P10 adopts spiral glue brush design with 5500Pa suction force. In mopping, it adopts a high-speed double-rotation constant humidity mopping scheme, with a maximum of 200 revolutions per minute of high-speed internal rotary mopping. At the same time, the mopping module can control its own lift up to a maximum height of about 10mm.

The P10 is equipped with a full-featured base station, supports automatic mop cleaning, dust collection, water replenishment, bacteriostasis, mop drying, optional water loading and unloading, and easy cleaning in base station. At the same time, imitating the dynamic cleaning mode of a washing machine, the cleaning process is divided into three stages: pre-wash, rinse, and spin-dry. The rotating speed and water quantity will change dynamically according to different stages. With the high and low bump cleaning tray, mop stains will be scrubbed and cleaned.

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According to Roborock, the P10’s automatic dust collection function is equipped with a 2.7 L dust collection bag, which can be used for 65 days under normal use conditions. The P10 also adopts a two-way automatic hot air drying function, and mop and base station are dried together to avoid generating any smells or attracting insects caused by long-term humidity.

Moreover, the P10 is consistent with the flagship G20 in its software configuration, equipped with the RR mason10.0 system, which can intelligently identify the threshold, add cliff restricted areas, and remind users to add easy card restricted areas. The P10 also adopts multi-sensor fusion obstacle avoidance technology, which improves obstacle avoidance accuracy and avoids missed scanning in cleaning process under the fusion auxiliary judgment of structured light ranging sensor, LDS, gyroscope, ODO and wall sensor.