RISC-V Processor IP Provider Nuclei Technology Secures New Funding

Nuclei Technology, a provider of RISC-V processor IP and related overall solutions, announced on August 18 that it has completed a new round of financing totaling several hundred million yuan. The round was led by Legend Capital, followed by Fortune Light, Shougang Fund, Xiamen C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai STVC Group, Accurate Capital, Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group and Chengye Investment.

Existing shareholders CETC Core Technology R&D Fund, Sunic Capita, Beijing Zhongguancun Xinchuang IC Design Industry Investment Fund (L.P.), Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and BlueRun Ventures also joined in the investment.

Founded in 2018, Nuclei Technology is one of the first enterprises in China to build an application ecology based on RISC-V open instruction architecture. It has also taken the lead in industrial applications. Based on RISC-V architecture, the company has developed a variety of series of CPU IP products and related software and hardware solutions involving 5G communication, industrial control, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, the Internet of Things, storage, MCU, network security and other fields.

Hu Zhenbo, the founder, chairman and CTO of Nuclei Technology, said that the global semiconductor IP market is still mainly occupied by major foreign firms, and the basic IP technology, especially the key core IP such as for CPUs, has always been one of the weaknesses in the development of China’s semiconductor industry.

Nuclei Technology has always combined its product R&D with actual market demand, and it has achieved Security and Functional Safety features of CPUs in an orderly manner.

The company has seized the historical opportunity of early RISC-V development in China. It insists on local and independent R&D from scratch, and it has quickly accumulated an advanced IP library in three years. Now, it can provide Chinese customers with fully open and made-in-China products.

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Its R&D team has the industrial background of internationally renowned semiconductor companies such as Synopsys, Marvell and Intel, accounting for 84% of R&D staff. Founder Hu Zhenbo and CEO Peng Jianying both worked in Synopsys, Marvell and other companies before. They led the team to develop a variety of high-performance and low-power CPU IP or chips.

Since its establishment, Nuclei Technology has authorized over 100 customers to use RISC-V CPU IP products, reaching deep partnerships with China Mobile, Gigadevice, VeriSilicon, Amlogic, and other companies.