Realme Gauges Interest in Launching Screen Feature Like iPhone’s Dynamic Island

Chinese smartphone manufacturer realme has asked its users around the world to share opinions and suggestions on whether the firm should adopt a design similar to Apple’s new “Dynamic Island” feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

“The UI around the camera hole could morph into different shapes and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications and more, just like Apple’s Dynamic Island,” realme said. The company finds this idea quite appealing and has decided to turn to its user community for ideas and suggestions on how such a software feature could be implemented on realme devices.

Fans have been asked to submit images, videos, and illustrations of how a potential realme “island” would work, what it would look like, and how it would be beneficial. In an image, realme showcased a hole-punch cutout with a yellow glow captioned, “What’s your dream island like?”

Dynamic Island, a new design brought to Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, is a pill-shaped area at the top of the screen. With the help of software, it can be transformed into different shapes and sizes. Users can check alerts and current in-progress activities, such as call reminders, AirDrop connection, Face ID unlocking, Apple Pay, AirPods connection status, and more.

However, Dynamic Island has recently received negative feedback in China. Ren Zeping, an independent economist, said on Weibo on September 20 that the iPhone 14 could signal the fall of the Apple empire, and that Dynamic Island was a fake innovation.

In a recent review of the iPhone 14 Pro, the blogger said that most apps currently don’t work with the feature. For example, the search bar of Bilibili, a YouTube-like video sharing app that is very popular in China, is obscured by Dynamic Island, meaning that users can only watch recommended videos, but cannot search for what they want to watch. In addition, the feature has not been adapted to apps such as WeChat and Tencent Video.

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If third-party software developers want to adapt products to Dynamic Island, they need to apply for open API interface from Apple, which is why many applications have failed to adapt to the feature yet. Apple has recently released API interface documents for Dynamic Island, aiming to encourage third-party developers to adapt their products to the new feature as soon as possible.