Railway Express Opens 10-Hour Delivery Between Beijing–Shanghai

How fast can packages move on China’s high-speed railway network? The arrival of High-Speed Rail Delivery has an answer. It takes about 10 hours to get a package from Beijing to Shanghai, two hours faster than air freight.

Since September 21, the Fuxing Hao trains of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail have been operating at speeds of 350 kilometers per hour. China Railway Express is offering same day delivery, next morning delivery and next day delivery service.

During the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, in order to leverage the speed advantage of the Fuxing Hao, the railway is collaborating with Shunfeng Express to launch a new delivery service called High-Speed Rail Delivery, which offers transport by G3/4 high speed trains on the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Line. With 10-hour delivery time, it is the fastest delivery service in China.

Railway Express packages in train cabinets

High-Speed Rail Delivery provides urgent delivery for business letters, bidding contracts, personal goods, fresh gifts and precious goods.

“Compared to air delivery, the High-Speed Rail Delivery by Fuxing Hao is faster and more dependable,” said Lai Rifeng, project director of Shunfeng High Speed High-Speed Rail Delivery Service.

Packages between Beijing and Shanghai are usually collected by 10 am and can each their recipients before 10 pm. “However, due to the heavy traffic on the airlines between Beijing and Shanghai and weather conditions, deliveries are often delayed,” Lai said. In comparison, High-Speed Rail Delivery is faster and steadier. According the High-Speed Rail Delivery plan, recipients can receive their packages before 9 pm as long as the package is sent before 11 am.

Some passengers have worried about where the packages will be stored on the Fuxing Hao and whether it will influence their travel.

G4 Conductor checks the packages in High Speed Rail

Qi Qixiang, deputy general manager of Railway Express Shanghai Office, said there is no need to worry that the packages will influence passengers’ travel experience. “Unlike Hexie Hao, Fuxing Hao has reserved cabinets for goods in the 4th and 12th wagons,” Qi said, “Each wagon can take 20 Railway Express packages, which means each train can carry 40 at a time.”

“Depending on the time of dispatch and reception, Fuxing Hao has three to four trains per day suitable for High-Speed Rail Delivery,” Qi said, “The first kilogram is priced 70 yuan, and additional weight is charged at 30 yuan per kilogram. The average weight of packages is 1.2 kilograms.”

Since its pre-launch on November 1, High-Speed Rail Delivery has a daily volume of 200-300 kilograms and 200-300 packages. Qi said senders can apply either by calling the client service at 95338 or 95572, ordering online or directly contacting the service station or delivery staff.

According to regulations, packages sent via High-Speed Rail Delivery service cannot exceed 15 kilograms. They are also limited in length, width and height to 55, 39 and 40 centimeters.

This article originally appeared in thepaper and was translated by Pandaily.