QQ Music Tests Virtual Community “Music Zone”

Tech Planet reported on July 4 that QQ Music, a subsidiary of Tencent Music, recently added the “Music Zone” to its alpha test version. Music Zone provides users with a virtual space in which they can take part in various social experiences.

In “Music Zone”, users can enjoy an independent “home” wherein they can dress up their home through the “decoration” function. On the wall in the “home”, there is a virtual interface for playing songs and a song list.

In addition, users can update their image and are able to choose an NFT image provided by the platform in addition to those provided by the system. Currently, the NFT image option requires a paid drawing.

Most importantly, “Music Zone” provides social functions, such as the following of any house on the community map of “Music Zone”, and the user can review the home of the person they are visiting, as well as follow and add friends to the person.

Overall, this is a virtual community based on music with many elements of the metaverse, such as NFTs and virtual houses. These features allow QQ Music users to enjoy a virtual social experience, while further enhancing the social relationship chain within QQ Music and creating a community of interest.

Tencent Music Group has effectively promoted businesses and functions that combine the concept of the metaverse, such as the recently launched “AKINI ZONE” series of digital collections that combine digital albums with virtual images. Recently, its rival NetEase Cloud Music also launched a social product for music called “MUS”. Although the positioning of MUS and “Music Zone” are different, they both focus on the social relationship chain based on music.

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