Qingchun Semiconductor Completes Financing of Several Hundred Million Yuan, Led by GL Ventures

Qingchun Semiconductor, a leading enterprise in the field of silicon carbide devices in China, announced Friday that it had completed pre-round-A financing totaling several hundred million yuan, which was led by GL Ventures. The funds will be mainly used to accelerate product research and development, build device testing and reliability laboratories, and support the rapid increase of products to meet customer needs.

Founded in March 2021, Qingchun Semiconductor is a high-tech design company focused on silicon carbide (SiC) power chips, specializing in the development and industrialization of high-end SiC power devices. The company has an international leading SiC device design and process team. The core team has been engaged in SiC technology and devices for more than 20 years, and has developed and industrialized multi-generation SiC power devices.

Li Liang, founding partner of GL Ventures, said that the performance advantages of silicon carbide power devices such as high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, low loss and small size perfectly match the development needs of carbon neutrality and solve the pressure points of the new energy industry. Li said the firm believes that many fields, including electric vehicles, new energy power generation, UHV transmission, energy storage and more, will usher in a big explosion of demand for silicon carbide power devices.

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The 1200V silicon carbide diode launched by the company has passed AEC-Q101 certification and new energy leading enterprise tests, and has achieved a large scale At present, SiC diode products of various specifications under 1200V platform can be provided in batches. In the first quarter of 2022, MOSFET products on 1200V platform can be provided, and product serialization can be completed quickly. SiC MOSFET complied with vehicle standard is in the process of synchronous R&D and reliability verification.