ProLogium Technology and FEV to Develop Solid-State EV Battery System

German transportation energy system FEV and ProLogium Technology announced on Friday that they have signed an MOU to cooperate in the development of solid-state battery systems, based on the latter’s exclusive solid-state battery technology. Both companies will strive to meet potential cooperation in customer sales activities, battery cores, modules and system verification.

Vincent Yang, the CEO and founder of ProLogium Technology, said of the agreement, “It brings together two like-minded and complementary partners focused on creating new value in a traditional industry. We believe our collaboration will help the automotive industry achieve innovative, clean and efficient energy consumption of electrified vehicles faster.”

FEV has many years of experience in battery development. Its tailor-made design and integration of battery systems consider the battery management system as well as cells, modules and packs. Depending on the application, the company offers solutions with high specific power density or high energy density. With its eDLP near Leipzig, Germany, FEV operates the world’s largest independent battery development and test center for high-voltage batteries.

Demands on BEV batteries are strongly increasing in terms of safety, energy density, costs and lifespan. Solid-state batteries are among the most promising technologies to offer advantages over lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolytes, which are mostly used in e-mobility. In addition, SSBs impress with an extra mileage advantage because of their lighter weight and smaller volume for the same capacity.

“To get the most out of this technology, the core competencies deal with cell development, but also with the integration at the pack level and the algorithms for controlling the technology. Otherwise, advantages in terms of energy density, service life and safety could only be partially realized,” said Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of FEV Group.

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Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz AG, the world’s leading luxury car manufacturer, signed a technical cooperation agreement with ProLogium Technology to jointly develop next-generation battery technology. Posco Holdings, an environmentally friendly materials giant, announced in May this year that it would cooperate with the company to provide stable raw material supply for it to mass-produce the next-generation batteries.