Private Traffic Solutions Provider Tanma Receives $30 Million in B+ Round Financing

On Tuesday, Tanma Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) announced it had raised $30 million in B+ round financing, with Eastern Bell Capital as lead investor and previous shareholders as co-investors. Chang Fengfeng, founder and CEO of Tanma SCRM, said the funds are to invest more in R&D and services.

Tanma’s website suggests its SCRM completed B-round financing of $15 million on July 28 led by SoftBank Ventures Asia and jointly invested by Shunwei Capital, and earlier completed A-round financing of $10 million, jointly invested by Blue Lake Capital, Junlian Capital and K2 Angel Partners on May 25. Tanma had three rounds of financing totaling $55 million within six months.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Beijing, Tanma provides enterprise customers with full-process private traffic operation tools and consulting services. It launched a social SCRM system with customer management and sales management as the core, which helps enterprises connect customers more conveniently and provides solutions for the whole process of customer “acquisition-transformation-transaction-operation.”

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As an integrated SaaS platform for marketing and services, Tanma SCRM covers education, training, finance, insurance, medical beauty, home improvement, manufacturing, enterprise services and more.