Porsche China Recalls 6,172 Imported Taycan Electric Vehicles

According to the State Administration for Market Regulation on Friday, Porsche China will recall a total of 6,172 models from its 2020-2021 series of imported Taycan pure electric vehicles manufactured between January 7, 2020 and March 29, 2021. The recall will begin on July 30.

The announcement states that some vehicles within this recall are subject to damage from the seat harness while adjusting the front driver and passenger side seats. The fabric sheath of the seat harness has been found to potentially become entangled in the drive shaft of the seat adjuster. In extreme cases, the passenger supplemental restraint system (SRS) may malfunction and be deactivated, posing a safety hazard.

Porsche China will examine whether the seat harness is damaged through authorized dealers for the recalled vehicles free of charge, and repair the wires in the harness if they are disconnected or the insulation layer is damaged. Previously, Porsche China recalled 6,072 imported Taycan pure EVs starting on May 16.

By region, the largest contributor to Porsche’s 300,000 new car sales in 2021 is the China region, with 95,671 units sold, the largest single market in the world. And in terms of models, the best-selling models are Macan, Cayenne, Taycan, 911, Panamera, and 718 in that order.

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Porsche published its 2021 financial report in parallel with a more aggressive and radical transformation strategy. The latest plan is that by 2025, all Porsche sales will be half pure electric and hybrid new energy models. And by 2030, 80% of Porsche’s total sales will be pure electric models.