Pop Mart to Release Limited Edition Astronaut Dolls Made from Rocket Material

Chinese toymaker Pop Mart International Group made an innovative move after its successful debut on the Hong Kong stock market lately. On Dec. 18, Pop Mart officially announced its partnership with Aerospace System Engineering Shanghai’s subsidiary firm Shanghai ASES Spaceflight Technology Co.Ltd. to produce the “Astronaut Molly.”

(Source: Pop Mart)

The round-face Molly dolls are Pop Mart’s best selling figurines, which usually come with different roles like a painter, detective, clown, cook, etc. Millennials in China love collecting all kinds of Molly dolls.

The limited-edition astronaut dolls are named after China’s Chang’e 5 lunar sample collection mission — “Molly Astronaut Lunar Rock Collection Series 1000%,” or “Lunar Rock Molly” for short. Pop Mart will release only 500 specially designed Lunar Rock Molly dolls in April 2021, in which 200 of them will be embedded with rocket materials. For space lovers, the Lunar Rock series has great collection value.

(Source: Pop Mart)

“As a Chinese, I couldn’t be more proud of my country’s milestone success in space exploration,” said Kenny Wong, the designer of Molly. Per Pop Mart, the firm also wants to use this cross-branding doll to encourage more young people to study space science and technology.

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According to Pop Mart, the firm will donate the total revenue from selling the Lunar Rock Molly, contributing to China’s space research and development projects.

At the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, Shanghai ASES Spaceflight Technology and Pop Mart announced their plans to work on a space education program with Shanghai elementary schools.