Pinduoduo Tests New Homepage Functions for Female Clothing

The homepage of Pinduoduo, a Chinese social e-commerce platform, will reportedly undergo the launch of a special area with new functions for female clothing products. The feature is now completing alpha tests with certain users who browse or buy women’s clothing frequently on the platform, Tech Planet reported on September 15.

The precise homepage location was previously occupied by Pinduoduo‘s fresh grocery e-commerce platform. The new page includes selected shops at the top, followed by other shops and clothing such as windbreakers, shirts, and short coats.

According to insiders, the potential web traffic in this zone could reach 100 million. The large size of the new zone on the homepage indicates that Pinduoduo‘s support for women’s clothing has reached a new level.

At present, Pinduoduo is attracting female clothing brands both offline and online. As long as it is a brand with good page design and aesthetics, it can very likely enter the new special area.

Brands such as Nobelnina, Enrico, Origin, Fanslanen and VEGA CHANG have now settled in Pinduoduo. Fanslanen is a 13-year-old store on Tmall, with more than 4 million fans, while VEGA CHANG has more than 7 million fans on Taobao.

Through this new entrance and the slogan, “coming to Pinduoduo to realize freedom of wearing,” it can be speculated that Pinduoduo hopes to attract female users aged 20-35.

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Throughout the past few years, relying on the strategy of heavy subsidies, Pinduoduo has transformed electronics into a feature category on the platform, and established an affordable brand image among young people. Pinduoduo recently launched Temu, a cross-border e-commerce platform for overseas markets, covering pet products, clothing, jewelry, daily necessities, children’s products and other categories.