Photos of BYD and Daimler’s JV Denza Model Leaked

On Thursday, the first covert photos of a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) made by Denza, a joint venture established by BYD and Daimler AG, were leaked. The model is positioned as a medium to large-sized luxury MPV, benchmarked against the Toyota Alphard, adopting a brand-new design language. It is expected to be officially unveiled at Auto China in April.

In terms of its appearance, the model probably will adopt a large front grille. Combined with the size and lines of the car, its front face will be more coordinated. In the future, this car will be designed by an exclusive team, not by Wolfgang Josef Egger, BYD Group’s head designer.

(Source: ITHome)

The shape of the car appears high in the front and low in the rear, with a smooth transition between the roof and tail windows. The sliding doors are also convenient for passengers to get in and out of the car. According to information shared by Zhao Changjiang, Director of BYD Auto High-end Brand Preparation Office, the new model adopts a seven-seat large space layout, and the overall space is larger than the conventional fuel cars. The third row of seats can be laid flat, giving consideration to comfort and safety.

The Denza MPV will be available in pure electric and hybrid power models, equipped with a BYD blade battery, and its safety performance will be comprehensively improved. The hybrid model will adopt BYD’s latest new energy technology, or will be equipped with a DM-i hybrid system, whose cruising range is expected to reach more than 1,000 kilometers.

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BYD will consist of four business divisions, including the Dynasty series, Ocean series, Denza and high-end series. From the current product line, the Dynasty and Ocean series focus on the market range below 300,000 yuan ($47,454), while Denza will focus on the range between  300,000-500,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the high-end series will aim at a range between 500,000 to 1 million yuan, with a business model that is independent in terms of branding, products, sales service network and operation team. Its first model will be an off-road vehicle.

Earlier, BYD and Daimler AG announced that they would jointly increase capital investments in Denza. With new funding, Denza plans to launch three models in the Chinese market in the next two years, including MPVs and SUVs. BYD said that it will devote more resources and core technologies to Denza’s business, help it reach a new level in the R&D of products, intelligent manufacturing, sales channels and services. BYD will work with Daimler AG to promote the better and faster development of the Denza brand. On the basis of this cooperation, the two sides will further deepen the partnership and expand the scope of their corporate relationship.