OPPO Find X7 Series Will Support Satelite Communation Functions 

The OPPO Find X7 series of new phones is about to be released next month, including the Find X7 Pro and Find X7 Ultra models. The Find X7 Pro has passed the national 3C certification and is equipped with a 6.82-inch 2K display and a micro four-curved screen that supports a 120Hz LTPO refresh rate. 

According to released information, the Find X7 Ultra will be equipped with a one-inch sensor main camera and a dual periscope design, and also has exclusive satellite communication functions. Both phones support 100W fast charging and are expected to debut with two new sensors. The specific release time is still being awaited.

Two new OPPO models have now passed the national 3C certification, with model numbers PHZ110 and PHY110. These two products are both produced by OPPO’s own factory. In terms of configuration, OPPO Find X7 Pro is expected to adopt a micro-curved screen, with ultra-thin optical fingerprint, with a new tri-segment button. Whether OPPO Find X7 Ultra can bring surprises on this basis is also a point worth looking forward to.

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