Official Tianjin Departments Summon Ride-hailing Platforms Including Didi, Demanding a Stop to Recruitment of Non-Compliant Vehicles

Six Tianjin Government Departments, including the Tianjin Road Transport Bureau, Tianjin Cyberspace Administration Office, and Municipal Market Supervision Commission, conducted a joint interview with eight car-hailing platforms on Wednesday, including Didi Chuxing, T3 Travel, Meituan and CaoCao Chuxing.

During Wednesday’s interview, the departments issued specific requirements in view of the problems that exist in the operation of the ride-hailing business in Tianjin, such as lax registration control, illegal dispatch of orders, discount promotions and so on.

All platforms were instructed to stop recruiting non-compliant vehicles and drivers and to refuse registration to drivers and vehicles that cannot provide licenses. Furthermore, each platform’s pricing rules should be set according to production and operation costs, market supply and demand, and then clearly communicated to the public. Car-hailing companies should also ensure that drivers receive a proper amount of rest and earn a reasonable income.

In addition to complying with national laws and regulations on personal information protection, data security, and epidemic prevention and control requirements, car-hailing platforms are required upload true, accurate and complete information to the administrative supervision department.

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These platforms indicated that they will search for potential risks according to those discussed at the meeting interview and address them in their operations.

On September 1st, Beijing regulators summoned and interviewed 11 ride-hailing firms, including Didi Chuxing and Shouqi, asking them to rectify illegal operation problems and actions that disrupt the market order.