NIO Releases Subscription Fee of the NOP Plus System

On April 10th, NIO announced that its Navigation on Pilot Plus (NOP+) system will be officially released and available for subscription starting from July 1st. It supports monthly subscriptions at a price of RMB 380 per month (about USD 55).

This year, first-time owners who purchase NIO‘s ET7, ES7, EC7 and ET5 models by providing a down payment or paying in full before May 31st (inclusive), as well as first-time owners who provide a down payment for the all-new ES8 model before July 31st (inclusive), will receive a two-year NOP+ free usage right.

The second-generation technology platform models of NIO all come standard with the Aquila sensing system and Adam computing platform. The users can enjoy 23 safety and driving assistance functions, including lane centering control (LCC), automatic emergency braking (AEB), and vehicle close range summoning function.

NOP+ will bring users a smart driving experience on highways and urban expressways. In addition, the high-speed navigation battery swap function will be available to guide drivers to the nearest battery swap station, complete the swap autonomously, and automatically return to the highway service area. This feature will gradually cover all national highway battery swap stations.

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NIO also announced the adjustment of battery replacement rights for new car buyers starting from June 1st. Starting from June 1, 2023, the first owners who pay a deposit to purchase NIO ET7, ES7, EC7 and ET5 models will need to pay for the installation of charging piles. The number of free monthly battery replacements will be adjusted uniformly to four times.

For users who pay a deposit to purchase the above-mentioned vehicle before May 31 (inclusive), and pay a deposit to purchase the new ES8 vehicle before July 31 (inclusive), their first owner rights will remain unchanged. They will still enjoy free battery swaps four or six times per month based on whether they have installed a free charging station.