NetEase Youdao Launches ChatGPT Model for Educational Scenario

On March 31st, it was announced that Youdao, a subsidiary of NetEase, will soon release their self-developed ChatGPT model for educational scenarios. The model is named “Confucius Quotes (Zi Yue)”.

AI oral teachers and Chinese composition correction demos based on “Confucius Quotes” have been completed and will be open for internal testing in the near future. This will also be the first ChatGPT model for educational scenarios launched in China.

Since the beginning of this year, ChatGPT has been continuously popular worldwide, and technology companies at home and abroad have entered the competition. For the education industry, many believe that AIGC is expected to bring revolutionary changes in educational resources, systems, and teaching methods.

Previously, multiple domestic education companies including Youdao (NetEase), iFlytek, and TAL Education have all revealed their related product and technology layout.

According to industry insiders’ analysis, Youdao will be the first to launch a ChatGPT model in the domestic education scene, which is related to its continuous cultivation in educational content, hardware and technology.

On the one hand, Youdao covers lifelong learning courses from children to adults, and has accumulated a massive amount of teaching content and user data, providing an essential infrastructure for model development.

On the other hand, Youdao has popular hardware products such as Youdao Dictionary Pen and AI Learning Machine. Currently, its intelligent hardware business has become a strong growth point for the company, providing important support for the landing of AI technology on the end side.

On the technical level, Youdao has been collaborating to build AI foundational capabilities since 2016, while simultaneously forming teams for language, vision and sound under NetEase.

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In terms of language, the Youdao NMT algorithm was officially launched in 2017, Transformer NMT was launched in 2018, and the second generation of dictionary pen was equipped with offline Transformer NMT for the first time in 2019, realizing the combination of AI and hardware.

In terms of sound, in 2021, the Transformer-based streaming ASR technology was implemented with quality comparable to non-streaming. In 2022, the P5 dictionary pen will be launched with self-developed offline ASR and upgraded to Transformer technology. In terms of vision, Youdao is also a pioneer in deploying Transformer models in the industry.