NetEase Launches Social Product Named “Xinyan”

Chinese tech giant NetEase has launched a new social product called “Xinyan,” which will provide opportunities for users in the same city to get to know each other, Tech Planet reported on July 19. The product supports various chatting methods, including text, pictures and voice calling.

In fact, NetEase has launched several dating apps already. A product called “Dating in the Same City” (同城约会) claimed to provide three-dimensional dating services. This service survived for more than 10 years, but was eventually abandoned by users. After that, NetEase launched two social products – “Xinyu” and “Xintian” – equipped with novel dating methods.

According to data from iiMedia Research, in recent years, the number of users with social needs in China has been increasing, reaching 488 million in 2016 and approaching 650 million in 2020. iiMedia’s analysts found that the growth of single people promoted the development of the single economy. The demands of single people for socializing and marriage has stimulated the development of various dating platforms such as Soul, Momo and Tantan.

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At present, there are more than 1,300 enterprises engaged in social products in China, and nearly 40% of them were established within the past five years.