NetEase Cloud Music and Kuaishou Music Reach Cooperation

On December 27, NetEase Cloud Music announced that it had reached a framework for cooperation with Kuaishou Music in the fields of copyright, song promotion and musician co-development.

Kuaishou Music will access the copyright service platform “Yuncun Exchange” under NetEase Cloud Music, and NetEase Cloud Music will arrive at the music publicity backstage in Kuaishou to realize mutual sharing of resources. Kuaishou’s professional video editing tool “Kuaiying,” karaoke software “Huisen,” multifunctional shooting software “Yitian Camera” and other applications will also support those using NetEase Cloud Music-authorized songs.

As a short video and live-streaming platform, Kuaishou will help works and creators stand out in the fierce competition in the music industry. Kuaishou’s users have diverse aesthetics, and various types of music styles have the opportunity to become popular.

In 2022, the number of viewers of short music videos in Kuaishou reached 350 million, and 90% of videos played on the platform had inserted music clips. There are 350 million creators in different fields who use music to create 13.8 billion short music videos this year. In 2022, the scale of music creators in Kuaishou increased by 21% year-on-year, with creators under 17 years old accounting for 25.48% and creators aged 31 to 40 accounting for 20.39%.

Nowadays, with the upgrading of music ecology and the enhancement of copyright awareness, short video platforms pay more attention to music copyright protection. Kuaishou Music has previously reached cooperation with over 1,000 copyright companies. In 2022, the number of copyright companies earning revenue in Kuaishou increased by 54%, and the settlement amount increased by 93%.

NetEase Cloud Music has more than 570,000 original musicians and cooperated with hundreds of copyright parties, with a music library of 106 million pieces. It has recently launched a “free listening mode” for some non-member users. Every time users complete an advertisement viewing as required, they can get a 30-minute free listening session.

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Recently, NetEase Cloud Music expanded its partners to increase exposure. It cooperated with NetEase‘s mobile game “Onmyoji” to launch a series of jazz-themed digital artworks. After the game “Overwatch 2” was launched, three rappers were invited to create an extended play record called “WE BACK.”