NetEase Accused of Unfair Treatment By Terminally Ill Employee

On November 24, a former NetEase employee suffering from a terminal illness spoke up on social media, accusing the gaming giant of unfair treatment.

“I am a game planner for NetEase. I graduated from the Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2014 and joined the company. At the end of 2018, NetEase started breaking contracts, laying off employees and threatening them on the last day of the year. When I heard the news, I still didn’t want to believe that that was NetEase‘s behavior. How could I have known that in the near future, while being terminally ill, I would experience persecution, betrayal, surveillance, framing, threatening, and even be driven out of the company by the security guard,” wrote the unidentified employee on social media.

NetEase‘s public relations department told Tencent News that the company has arranged a special group to look into the situation. They noted that it would take some time to verify the situation, but claimed that the company would under no circumstances cut off the healthcare support and assistance for the ill employee.

The employee in turn claims that he has been negotiating with the company for a few months, during which NetEase treated him unfairly, including framing him, forcibly firing and being violently removed by security.