Multiple Bilibili Content Creators Stop Uploading New Videos

In recent times, Bilibili users have observed that several content creators whom they have been following for a while now have posted videos announcing the temporary suspension of updates. This move by the Chinese video streaming platform has caused quite a stir on social media and became a trending topic on April 2 due to its impact on uploaders and their followers.

A Bilibili content creator, who has almost four million followers, recently announced that he will temporarily stop updating his account. It is unclear when he will return. He mentioned that the entire team is currently struggling and one of the reasons for this is the increasing use of AI-generated content. Other active creators on Bilibili have also expressed their concern about decreasing platform incentives and the significant impact of short videos.

A content creator with tens of thousands of followers on Bilibili stated that the platform has made a significant change to its reward mechanism this year. According to the creator, even for videos with similar data as last year, the revenue that Bilibili may give to creators could be reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 compared to what it was in the previous year.

Some netizens have reported that they are unable to find any content creators they follow who have stopped updating. Meanwhile, others have expressed their frustration with the challenge of discovering high-quality videos.

On March 31, an uploader with over 3.85 million fans posted a video stating that making videos no longer generates revenue and may even result in financial loss, which is one reason for suspending the content creation. This sparked a heated discussion among viewers. However, on April 2, the uploader clarified on Weibo that the decision to stop creating new videos had nothing to do with Bilibili and was purely a personal matter. Additionally, he stated that experiencing fluctuations in income is normal in this line of work.

A Bilibili uploader with more than 3.1 million fans clarified on Weibo that the decision to stop uploading new videos is not related to financial issues. He emphasized that the income from Bilibili this year is not less than before. When asked about the changes in Bilibili‘s reward subsidy policy, he stated that he is unsure of the details and stressed that incentive program money should not be a primary source of income for full-time creators.

Bilibili content creators can earn money on the platform through two primary methods: platform incentives and commercial cooperation. In May 2021, Bilibili made changes to its creative incentive program. The criteria for determining creators’ income is no longer based on video quality but rather on advertisements.

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It is important to note that while Bilibili‘s continuous policy adjustments have led to a decrease in video revenue earned by creators in recent years, the total amount of dividends paid to them has been increasing annually. On March 30, Bilibili announced its annual performance for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022. The company generated a total net operating revenue of 21.9 billion yuan ($3.18 billion) with a net loss attributable to shareholders of 7.5 billion yuan. Operating costs amounted to 18 billion yuan and revenue-sharing and content costs were at 9.1 billion yuan for the same period.