Mobvoi Releases 4 New AI-Powered Wearable & Smart Home Devices

On the afternoon of May 24, Chinese AI company Mobvoi held a 2018 strategic new product launch, releasing four new wearable and smart home products.

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They are the flagship smartwatch TicWatch Pro, the children-friendly smart speaker TicKasa Fox, a more fashionable version of a previously released smart speaker TicKasa Nano, and the single ear earphone TicPod Solo. It has also launched China’s first mass-produced AI voice chip module—Wenxin Mobvoi A1, for the enterprise market.

Wenxin Mobvoi A1

Wenxin Mobvoi A1

The Mobvoi A1 voice chip is the only AI voice chip module in the market that is mass-produced and immediately available for purchase.

The AI voice chip module integrates Mobvoi’s microphone array signal processing technology, voice interactive SDK, and customizable semantics technology.

Mobvoi A1 can provide one-stop AI voice interactive solutions featuring easier chip assembly, short debug cycles, and low communication costs for smart TVs, set-top boxes, and robots.

The Revolutionary TicWatch Pro

According to the Verge, the most prominent feature of TicWatch Pro is its dual display. Both screens are not used at once; instead, the main display will switch off to save power, letting the low-power top display remain on to show time.

TicWatch Pro (source: the verge)

In addition, TicWatch Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100w and has a built-in AI voice assistant. At the same time, TicWatch Pro is dust and water resistant at a rating of IP68. TicWatch Pro will be officially launched on June 15 at a starting price of 1499 yuan ($235).

Children-friendly Smart Speaker TicKasa Fox

As a smart speaker designed specifically for children, TicKasa Fox has a cute appearance of a little fox.

TicKasa Fox

TicKasa Fox supports IP67 level of water and dust resistance, and comes with 1GB of customized storage already preloaded with content for children. In addition, it is small enough to be portable and has a built-in 2500mAh battery which allows for 21 hours of continuous music playing, or 48 hours of battery life.

In terms of speech recognition, it has created a speech interaction engine specialized for children based on over 5000 children’s data models and over 10,000 hours of children voice tests. Compared to other smart speakers on the market, it is more accurate in terms of recognition and activation, and is more natural and fluent in its voice interactions.

The more fashionable smart speaker TicKasa Nano

TicKasa Nano
TicKasa Nano

Smart speaker TicKasa Nano has a built-in 3W customized speaker, a 2500mAh battery, and is IP67 water-resistant and dust-resistant. The speaker supports multiple functions such as radio and wireless control of smart home devices.

The speaker is priced at 499 yuan ($78), and will be available on online retail platforms such as and Tmall starting from June 1st.

Smart handset TicPod Solo

TicPod Solo

TicPod Solo is a single-sided earphone designed for driving, cycling, and business occasions. It is portable and weighs only 6.8g, which is suitable for long periods of wearing. It has many color options, including classic white, jazz blue, rock red, and dynamic yellow. It is equipped with a portable charging capsule, which gives 4 hours of power on a single charge and support 12 hours of listening time. It also has an in-ear detection feature, which supports multiple man-to-machine interactions such as voice interaction and “scratch” touch interaction. TicPod Solo will be officially launched on June 1st at a price of 299 yuan ($61).

TicPod Solo