Microsoft Responds to Rumors of Cutting Windows Supply to China: “We Have Unwavering Commitment to Providing Services to Chinese Users”

Microsoft said it will continue providing services to Chinese users in response to recent rumors that it will no longer offer Windows services in China.

Several media outlets recently reported that Microsoft’s latest services agreement said that if the US government prohibits Microsoft from offering Microsoft software to any Chinese enterprises, institutions or individuals, Microsoft will not only comply with it, but also will not make any compensation.

“Recent social media rumors about the global update of Microsoft’s terms of service are not true,” Microsoft responded to some Chinese media outlets on Monday. “Our commitment to providing services to Chinese users is unwavering.”

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Microsoft updated its services agreement on Aug. 1 and it will take effective on Oct. 1. According to the agreement, Microsoft will not be responsible or liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligations under circumstances “beyond Microsoft’s reasonable control.” Microsoft will also mitigate the impact of these events and perform unaffected obligations.

Some media outlets quoted this paragraph and interpreted these clauses as “Microsoft’s new statement stated that if the supply of Windows in China is interrupted, it will not be responsible for that.”

But these terms already appear in Microsoft’s previous services agreement. Microsoft’s official website shows that these clauses were already in the services agreement released on July 1, 2019 and implemented on Aug.30, 2019.

Limitation of Liability (Source: Microsoft)

In addition, Microsoft provided a summary of changes to the new services agreement and 14 new changes appear in the list. No similar expressions such as “does not support Windows services” can be found.