Metaverse 3D Space Creation Tool Builtopia Receives Seed Round Financing

Builtopia, a metaverse technology service provider, has recently completed a seed round financing worth tens of millions of yuan led by Shunwei Capital. The funds will be mainly used for technology upgrades and marketing.

Builtopia was founded in November 2021 with start-up teams hailing from Kujiale (a world-renowned online 3D interior design software platform), Microsoft, Netease, iQiyi and other companies. Fu Cheng, Founder and CEO, said that the application threshold of 3D virtual space was high before, and most of them served vertical fields such as games, building materials and home improvement design. However, after the emergence of the metaverse, traditional solutions have been difficult to meet the needs of new enterprises and brands.

Builtopia has developed a metaverse 3D space creation tool which is characterized by high construction efficiency and low usage threshold. Its platform is web-based so that when enterprises want to begin creating metaverse spaces, they can begin immediately by logging into the website through a computer browser without needing to download any software.

Owing to the platform’s large template library, designers can complete a basic rendering of their envisioned environment very quickly, and then import or export the materials in JPEG, PNG, GLB, GLTF and other standard formats.

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“At this stage, we will not put too much on the market, and we will continue to optimize our technology and services based on existing customers,” Fu Cheng said. He added, “In the future, Builtopia will expand into more fields, so that the needs of corporate culture, campus publicity, and online social networking can be made real in the metaverse.”