Meizu Confirms Recruitment for Vehicle Manufacturing

Meizu, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, posted a job recruitment notice in the automotive field on a domestic recruitment website, which stirred some discussion in the industry. The job notice seems to indicate that the smartphone maker will enter the vehicle manufacturing field. Regarding this, the company’s Public Relations staff responded to media: “Meizu is indeed looking for talent in the automotive field.” Hours later, Victor Yang, Geely’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Communication, issued a more explicit response in which he called reports of Meizu entering the car manufacturing field “a misunderstanding,” adding that “Meizu will not make cars, but will provide services for car companies.”

(Source: Meizu)

The posts posted by Meizu involve automobile manufacturing, including new energy automobile sales consultants, automobile-related media public relations staff, senior intelligent console test engineers, vehicle system product managers, intelligent console project management experts, auto parts/spare parts staff, mechanical structure engineers and chassis electronic control engineers. Among them, chassis electronic control engineers require 3-5 years or more working experience in vehicle manufacturing enterprises to be eligible.

In July this year, Xingji Technology, a venture set up by Eric Li, Chairman of Chinese automaker Geely, officially announced the acquisition of Meizu, holding a controlling stake of 79.09% and gaining independent control of the smartphone company. After the completion of this transaction, Meizu founder Jack Wong’s shareholding has been reduced to 9.79%.

(Source: Meizu)

This acquisition has aroused widespread discussion in the industry. According to media reports, Zhang Junyi, a managing partner of Oliver Wyman, believes that the application of cars and smartphones is connected. Vehicle-mounted communication technology is closely connected with mobile Internet technology, so it is one of the ways for car companies to make smartphones or smartphone companies to apply their own technologies to make cars. In the future, automobiles will be combined with scenarios such as XR, Metaverse and virtual reality.

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This is similar to Eric Li’s idea. In September 2021, he said publicly: “A smartphone is a fast iterative portable mobile terminal, and it is an application carrier for electronic product market verification and software innovation. It can enable users to share innovative achievements as soon as possible, also transfer some safe and reliable achievements to automobiles for application, thus realizing the close interaction between car and smartphone software technology. In the future, it will become a major trend to build a user ecological chain across borders and build an enterprise moat according to law. Smartphones can link to the Internet of Vehicles and satellite Internet to create extensive consumption networks. When the ecology is strengthened, it will provide users with a more convenient, intelligent and connected multi-screen interactive experience in life. “