Meituan Improves Service Evaluation Rules for Delivery Personnel

On Thursday, Chinese food delivery giant Meituan released their “2021 Social Responsibility Report of Meituan Delivery Personnel Rights Protection” through its official WeChat official account.

The report shows that the company has taken quite a few steps to help delivery personnel who work for the company. Steps taken include strengthening labor security, selecting reasonable algorithms, smoothing communication channels and guarding labor safety.

At present, 15 cities including Shaoxing, Taiyuan and Kunming are piloting a new incentive mechanism. Delivery personnel who receive bad reviews and don’t deliver packages (usually food) on time will be punished with a lower score on the platform instead of a penalty. The service quality of riders will be evaluated according to points accumulated on the platform throughout the whole month. The move is meant to reduce any incidental impact on riders’ income.

A higher service ranking on the platform means riders can unlock more extra rewards. Riders can also receive extra points through safety training and good deeds.

In Shaoxing, a pilot city, nearly 80% of riders are satisfied with the new service evaluation rules, and think that the distribution experience has been improved. In addition, the indicators related to consumers, such as on-time delivery rate and bad review rate, have remained stable.

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In view of the rider’s concern about appealing bad reviews, Meituan further improved the process last year. Aside from strengthening the identification of bad reviews not caused by errors on behalf of the delivery person, common problems that many delivery people cited as cause for concern include no contact with the consumer, bad weather, overweight goods, and other common issues out of the delivery person’s control. These options were provided in the appeal channel to save time.