Many Businesses Join Station Semi-Hosted Model

On January 30th, revealed the latest data since the launch of its first cross-border B2B (business-to-business) semi-hosted platform. In the past 20 days of recruitment, a large number of merchants have flocked in. At investment promotion conferences held in key industrial belts such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Yiwu, and Chengdu, many merchants signed up on-site to settle down directly. Among them, Yiwu’s investment promotion conference achieved an impressive intention signing rate of up to 80%. stated that semi-hosted model can help all merchants to easily start profitable and independent overseas business, especially attracting a large number of domestic traders with spot goods to sign contracts on the spot. Under’s semi-management, merchants still operate their own stores, but logistics, funds, after-sales and other complex processes can be entrusted to the platform. Moreover, as long as doorstep collection is completed, payment will be credited within seconds. Merchants with spot goods capability can join by shipping within 3/7 days.

“The first ‘hosted’ trend of cross-border B2B is definitely worth pursuing. Compared to the customer (C) side, we are more eager to receive orders from large buyers in Alibaba International Station on behalf of Zhongda B (major merchants).” A domestic trade merchant in Yiwu expressed that semi-hosting on can help small and new sellers solve the tedious fulfillment issues they don’t want to deal with. At the Yiwu semi-hosting investment promotion event, leading merchants in categories such as yoga clothing, such as Aidu Apparel which ranks first in sales on domestic trade platforms, and Yiwu Kangchen Eyewear, have already signed contracts to become one of the first batch of semi-hosted merchants.

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Pinduoduo‘s cross-border e-commerce platform, Temu, is also set to introduce a semi-hosted model, targeting sellers who possess overseas warehouses and local dispatch capabilities. This model, which is slated for a March 15, 2024, launch on the US site and end of March for the European site, will enable sellers to independently manage their warehousing and logistics systems, including the importation of platform orders and the fulfillment of deliveries.