Livestreaming Firm Huya Former Employee Lost First-Instance Judgment of Labor Dispute Case Over Job Credentials

On Monday, a former employee of Chinese game livestreaming company Huya announced the verdict of a high-profile legal case against the firm. According to a late report by Chinese financial media outlet Caijing, the former employee had filed a total of three cases of labor arbitration, labor dispute, and tort liability disputes.

However, the “verdict” he referred to is the result of the first instance in the tort case, which has not gone into effect yet as the case is still in the process of second instance. At the same time, the former employee lost in his labor arbitration case and the first-instance judgment of his labor dispute case.

In the first instance of the tort case, the Guangzhou Nansha People’s Court has ruled that Huya should compensate him for medical expenses, a broken smartphone and other property losses totaling 5,016 yuan ($787). In addition, the court ruled that Huya display a public apology on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo for seven continuous days.

But the above judgement is not final. At present, Huya has filed an appeal to the decision. The second instance of the tort case will be held at the Guangzhou People’s Court on December 23.

Last year, the individual had been physically carried off company premises for his refusing to sign a dismissal letter. Regarding the incident, Huya claimed that the employee had lied on his resume and had held part-time jobs during his term of employment, thereby violating company values. As a result, Huya terminated the individual’s employment contract.

According to media reports, the labor arbitration awards found that this individual, as an adult who has full capacity for civil conduct, should be responsible for his personal actions, and that there was nothing wrong with the termination of the labor relationship with him.

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In addition, regarding the case of labor disputes filed by this former employee, according to the judgement of first instance, the court did not confirm this individual’s claim that Huya had illegally terminated the labor contract with him.